Your wireless networks already incorporate traffic policies, device and link redundancy. R•FLO adds a new level of “True Resilience™ ” operating at the “total network” level to preserve designed performance at all times. Also, with multiple paths to every site, R•FLO can dramatically increase network capacity and use of invested capital.

Extending networks is simple: new towers, subscribers, and services are automatically incorporated into traffic distribution rules without complex and costly provisioning.

The MIND controller unit creates your software-defined policies, manages traffic priorities, creates tiers of service, and maintains unified, optimized performance network-wide.

The MIND is typically deployed between the backhaul / core network and a router / internet BGP to supervise and measure actual throughput, using those per-second measurements to optimize available bandwidth and shape services. The MIND directs traffic shaping and forwarding by NuRoNs®, and controls service provisioning and monitoring to provide the best end user quality of experience at all times, at multiple tiers of service.

Product series

Mind + Nur•n

MIND and NuR•Ns are available in two carrier-grade versions. Fully interoperable, mix-and-match to suit your network requirements.


(Wireless Optimized)

Wireless Optimized (WO!) series units feature low power consumption, fanless operation, and a compact extruded housing, making it ideal for remote network locations where power is at a premium. WO! is “impact-driver-friendly” for lightning-fast outdoor cabinet installs and the years of operation that follow.



Telecom Grade (TG) units feature dual, redundant 24/48VDC power feeds and cooling fans, NEBS Level 3 compliance and a range of rack, wall and desktop mounting options. TG devices are available in all optical, or 2+2 SFP/RJ-45 GbE port configurations - ideal for head-end and data center installations.

The NuR•N enforces your policies, shapes traffic entering your network, monitors link capacity and bandwidth constantly, reacting immediately to link failure (sub 50ms). When fade happens, NuR•N performance measurements are used by the MIND to dynamically optimize traffic distribution.

A proprietary silicon design provides wire-speed real-time packet processing without adding delay or jitter to backhaul traffic. Compatible with - and complementary to - existing radio and fixed network gear, the units conduct link speed, availability, latency and packet loss measurements every second, providing this to the MIND to allow dynamic, global backhaul optimization.

The Plug & Roll® auto-discovery and auto-configuration feature allows each NuR•N to be automatically recognized and operated by the MIND within seconds.

The MIND•Control® web-app is your management portal, gives you full network visibility and control, automatic surveillance and reports. Full access to real-time link and service performance and dynamic path visualization are presented on a live map. Hosted on a web-server embedded in the MIND, MIND•Control is included in the price of the MIND.

AX•N is a simple, ultra-low-latency 3:1 splitter that can effectively turn one radio link into multiple, virtual links. In essence, the AX•N maps three physical ports on one end of a link to the same 3 ports on a second AX•N at the other end. AX•N™ allows operators to deploy multiple R•FLO® network topologies over a shared, existing link - without expensive radio installs or upgrades.

Though a powered device, the AX•N acts as a passive element in the network: it requires no configuration or management. With an all hardware architecture (no software processing), the AX•N does not add latency to the network and conducts no traffic processing operations. As a simple wire-speed splitter, it is completely transparent to all network elements.